ARTEMIS ProFuse MRI Software

Advanced 3D Imaging

3D DICOM Visualisation

PACS Compliant

Prostate & ROI Contouring

Perfusion-Diffusion Analysis

Data Transfer via USB, DVD, Network or Cloud

Image Histogram Analysis

Easy & Efficient Workflow

Integration of pathology results into MRI for review and treatment planning, e.g. Focal Therapy

ProFuse is a powerful mpMRI DICOM viewer that enables radiologists, urologists or radiation oncologists to identify and confirm potential pros tate MR lesions for biopsy. It writes and reads from PACS. It is easily configured to user’s choice.

The end-user receives 3-user licenses as part of the bundle platfom. This allows multiple locations to read mpMRI and mark regions of interest for biopsy procedures. Training on the software is easy and provided on-site.

ARTEMIS ProFuse Radiology Suite

The ProFuse Radiology Suite, installed on a Windows machine allows the radiologist to treat DICOM files and map abnormalities.

In a first step, the boundaries of the prostate will be marked on the transversal, the saggital and the coronla view.

Suspected lesions (Regions of Interest ROI) will be indentified and marked on the different levels.

Regions are classified.

The different identified and marked zones can be visualized 3-dimensionally in the volume model.

At the end, an export file will be sent to the Artemis ProFuse BX software for planning and execution of the biopsy.

Multi-Modality Image Fusion

Supports PET/CT/MRI/US Fusion

Automatic Rigid & Elastic Fusion

With or Without Endorectal Coil

All MR Scanners & Protocols

PIRADS Reporting & Scoring

Accounts for Bladder/Rectal Filling

Integrate information from mpMRI into TRUS guided biopsy




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