Technology Advantages

The Most Sophisticated Prostate Biopsy:

An Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy ensures that your prostate examination and biopsy is performed utilizing the world’s most sophisticated TRUS based biopsy , including 3D visualization, navigational functionality, needle tracking and recording for future reference. This breakthrough technology provides patients and their doctor detailed, personalized information – creating an advanced prostate diagnostic procedure.

Advanced Diagnostic Information:

An Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy allows physicians to examine, plan and record the biopsy – all through the power of 3D visualization. This detailed information helps the physician to target precise locations where suspicious tissue and/or prostate cancer tumors are suspected, thus providing advanced clinical information for diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment and follow-up.

Information For A Better Treatment Decision:

An Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy provides clear, reliable information that can help patients and physicians make a better, more informed (and more individualized) decision about the course of care, whether it be watchful waiting, hormone therapy, targeted thermal ablation, nerve sparing robotic surgery, or radiation therapy.

Long-Term Personalized Management:

With an Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy the actual location of your biopsy can be recorded and stored. The result is a baseline of prostate biopsy information that allows for future reference, confirmation and follow-up. In turn, this means better and more personalized longterm patient management.

3D Reporting:

Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion using the Artemis technology provides easy to understand high definition 3D graphic reports that clearly identify the location of each biopsy sample. The result is more information to patients and physicians make the best, most informed, treatment decision possible.

Mri/Trus Fusion Biopsy vs. Standard Trus Biopsy

Visualization: Artemis 3D visibility provides better imaging than standard 2D views.

Planning: The Artemis planning module helps physicians to distribute the biopsy samples evenly based on the prostate sizes and shape.

Navigation: The Artemis tracking arm facilitates precise needle tracking, helping to ensure your physician samples the exact target locations.

Reporting: The Artemis software allows for the exact recording of the actual sample, making the known location and repeat biopsy easier and more accurate.

Mri/Trus Fusion Biopsy Advantages

Precise Prostate Imaging & Navigation:
An Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy offers the only true smart prostate biopsy procedure—providing your physician with 3D prostate visualization, precise needle tracking and biopsy location recording for future reference.

Advanced Diagnostic Data:
An Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy allows physicians to examine, map, plan and record your biopsy. The detailed 3D provides precise location of suspicious tissue and/or cancer lesions. This results in advanced clinical information to aid in diagnosis, treatment and continuing care.

Better Treatment Information:
The Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy provides clear, reliable information that can assist patients and physicians in making a more informed, individualized decision about the most appropriate course of care.

3D Patient Reporting:
At the conclusion of the Artemis-MRI/TRUS Fusion Biopsy, Artemis yields an easy-to-understand, high-definition color report you can take home. It clearly identifies each biopsy sample location, along with more valuable information to help patients and physicians make the best, most informed treatment decision possible.

Accurate Repeat Biopsy:
With its unique biopsy location recording capability, your physician has the ability to re-biopsy the same locations in the gland or to sample other areas around any specific location. This helps ensure that any subsequent biopsies are more accurately sampled than ever before.

Long-term Personalized Management:
Since Artemis-MRI/Fusion Biopsy records the location of each biopsy sample, your physician is able to construct a personal baseline of data that greatly enhances future reference, confirmation and followup. The bottom line is better information for better long-term health care management.

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